Kogie is a Teacher, Healer and Life Empowerment Coach. She is passionate about making a difference. She believes that by understanding and allowing shifts we expand our consciousness and thereby enable our vibrational growth.

She is committed to change and to raising our frequency and that of the planet. Her focus is on getting us to acknowledge our amazing potential and recognizing that we are limitless beings. Her determination and drive is to empower you, to open your mind to the limitless potential of who you are by making you aware of the limitations you place on yourself. Her studies have enabled her to provide a brilliant platform for growth and happiness. What comes across clearly is her confidence and love for what she calls her passion. Her warmth and compassion make her a truly amazing healer and teacher.

Contact Kogie on Cell: 082-3242458 or Email: kogie@handsofdharma.co.za


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Hands Of Dharma
Kogie Cell: 082-3242458

Email: kogie@handsofdharma.co.za